By Jeannette Pothier Dinwoodie

LOUIS FONTAINE dit BEAULIEU, baptized at Port Royal (now known as Annapolis Royal, Nova Scotia) on September 11, 1707 as Louis Corporon, the natural son of Isabelle Corporon, daughter of Jean Corporan and Francoise Savoie.  His father was Rene Fontaine, secretary of Subercase, the last French governor of Acadia.  Isabelle Corporon married around 1715 to Guillaume Jeanson (William Johnson) of Scotland.  Louis Fontaine married at Port Royal on September 10, 1730 to Marie-Madeleine Roy, daughter of Jean Roy and Marie Aubois.  Deported to Connecticut with his family in 1755, they left and settled at L'Assomption, Quebec in 1767.  Children: Marie-Mathilde, born 1731; Anne, born 1732; Luce, born 1734; Louise-Thaddee, born 1736, Marguerite, born 1739;  Eulalie-Valburge, born 1741; and Helene, born 1744.  He only had one son to carry on the family name. [From Histoire et Genealogie des Acadiens by Bona Arsenault; and baptism from Vol. 3, page 1104 Histoire du Cap-Sable by Rev. C. J. d'Entremont.]