Daniel FontaineMy interest in genealogy began in 1972 when I discovered an old edition of "Les Memoires" published by "La Socit gnalogique Canadian Franais." Inside the book was a story by a Canadian historian explaining how easy it was for French Canadians to trace their ancestors because of all the archives in the country. So I became an active member and started my own family genealogy. At that time, genealogy books were scarce, but after a few months, my ancestral line was done. With this accomplishment, I set aside the hobby for almost eight years.

In 1984, a friend of mine, asked me if I could help him find his ancestors. So I started genealogy again and discovered the hundreds of new genealogy books. Since no one had done anything on the FONTAINE families, I decided to start working on them. After 2 years, I had almost 10,000 names in my family databases. In 1988, I heard about Roger Fontaine, contacted him, and started collaborating information.  A year later, I met Antoine Fontaine at the then annual Fontaine reunion in Granby, Massachusetts.  Since then, the three of us have been working in collaboration to keep the association alive.

Daniel Fontaine